Monday, January 7, 2008

Here is Hannah and Abi enjoying the snow that has fallen around Kamloops....

Those pictures are of Tanya Forsyth boys ..when Surrey had snow ...Tanya the boys look like they are having tons of fun....thanks for the pictures them.

Well on to entering what is on my heart :

For the longest time my SIL Barb has been saying ..stay with the Lord ..let him Barb the walk begins
I love my SIL with all my heart ....she always have and always will be beside me
her love is unconditionally ...even when I screw up ...THANKS SIS

Daily time with the Lord is absolutely essential for our spiritual health. It is our lifeline to our Lord. Without it we will be powerless and unfruitful. But with it, we are ready to face the day, no matter what it holds. For we can be assured that:

He will never leave us or forsake us. He will guide us and guard us.
He will give us the wisdom we need and the words we need.
He will give us courage and comfort. He will give us strength and a song to sing.
He will give us the joy of the Lord, His peace will surround us wherever we go.
He will hear and answer as we walk in the light of His presence.

The very first He will reminds me of Barb and the love we share and how her and Miles have always stood by as I start this year ..I want to thank them family ...The Forsyth's Family girls and my grandkids..

Then Jesus told his disciples....that they should always pray not give up.(Luke 18:1)

I ask Lord that all that all that I may have offended or hurt in 2007..will find forgiveness in their hearts for me and give me another chance be what they need me to be ...I ask in your name Lord ...and thank you for all that you will do ...

(and for those that wonder what SIL is it stands for sister -in-law)

I recommend going over to Barb's blog ..she has so much to offer and lots of love to give..just click on her name and whish you are there ....have a great day .


Mrs. Miles said...

Thank you so much Judy - this is SO true... we are NEVER alone if we have the Lord. Never, ever! It is wonderful to share our faith together. You bless me muchly too. And hay, we ALL mess up, every single person you see every single day has messed up with someone..

love you!