Monday, January 21, 2008

Well today I babysit ...and the girls were ready for their Grama. It was Grama we have to have a tea party ...

Hannah had the teapot and teacups on the table before I could say OK.

Well then Abi decide that today's menu should be cheese and crackers and pickles of course.

So off the kitchen and Abi pulling a chair in so she can pile everything on the plate and serve it for tea..she is the little hostess.

Our tea is Mango Peach flavoured water it was a fun time . Then after tea time it was off to build a fort ....sorry did not get any pictures of that time
(My thanks to Bannerwoman and Evak and Bderksen for the elements used in this layout.)
love the teapot and cups Barb
also : did you know ---the energy saved by recycling just one
plastic bottle could power a computer for 25 minutes.
Remember to Recycle....


Mrs. Miles said...

Awwww - your pics are so sweet - I'm glad you did not miss the opportunity. There is nothing quite so fun as an impromptu tea party with little girls involved.

Your layout is wonderful!

I did not know that about recycling the plastic bottle! Thanks for sharing!

Love, Sis

patty said...

Great layout kids love tea parties with grama......