Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The first sweetheart in the slide show is Hannah(pink shirt) ..last time here she wanted nothing to do with the whole teeth thing ...but this time ..what a change ..she sat for her teeth being cleaned ..a floride treatment and Dr. Wilson to check her teeth ...he told Patty what an awesome job. The doctor ...said keep up the good work. Then Abi(green and white shirt) was next and well this girl is always full of questions between question she had her teeth cleaned and floride and checked ... they were so good . Love you Abi and Hannah
(sorry my pictures aren't the best quality I only had my phone camera with me ...darn)


Being Mrs Miles said...

Oh she is SUCH a little sprite & Abi is a trooper! I hate going to the dentist myself, and they even get nice prizes. I think the dentists should give out free whitestrips to adults, hay?

Thanks for sharing these little cuties with us - now we want to see YOU and PAPPA getting YOUR teeth done haha!

Barb and Smiles

Anonymous said...

Great slide show ....Thanks for coming with me and the kids you are always a great help and getting the kids to relax....