Thursday, August 14, 2008

River Run 2008
Well we made it ...what an awesome time ...I know I have put alot of pictures into the slide show but is was hard trying to decide. So I hope you will be patient and go through the whole show. You will notice the burnt trees and the eerie feeling of the land ..this river flows through the town of Barriere where a few years ago they had that awful fire the land is just starting to come back. We spend the night on a little sandbar see the little yellow flowers ...they looked so neat and were the only flowering thing on our little island. We had our fire for smokies and hot chocolate....and some awesome time fishing ...where we did actually catch fish ...Bare was trying to catch our supper ...the fish were small and also what they call white fish. (Good thing I brought smokies...hehehe). I must say at this point we realized we had an Eagle around ...the next day when we left our neat little island we notice he was with us. He followed for awhile then ..we had two more was neat to watch and also to see them always just there. If you ever get a chance it is a beautiful trip. Well has you can see by my pictures the river has its moments and the wildlife...awesome. I have to say though the one picture I kick myself for not getting was the black bear swimming in the river ...I saw something fall off the bank and then start to was as we got closer and saw it was a black bear . I must say to see the Bald Eagles to Blue Heron to Black Bear ...and these animals were not in the zoo their own place and land...awesome.
Well I hope you enjoy the pictures. I hope you all have a great weekend. We are getting company so I am not sure if I will be blog another page before they arrive . Love to all


Anonymous said...

Very nice slide show ma.

It looks like it would be a very enjoyable time...very peaceful. I am surprised by how many eagles you saw....dont see them to often. Well i'm glad you guys did it and glad you enjoyed it. love ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful time. Some more awesome pictures Judy, you sure do have an eye for beauty!