Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday at Edith lake
Well this weekend has been a fast one …from Barriere going to Salmon Arm and then setting up for the school run . We are now at Edith lake for a bit …we will see how the wind goes. This lake is a short drive to Melissa school and seeing school starts tomorrow we felt we should get close for the first week and see how things go. We still have two more meetings of family to do so ..we will be off and heading down the road . It has been a fun summer . We meet some wonderful people made new friends and visited with old ones . We saw family and had family came visit us . Thanks to all and thanks for the memories. Two very new and wonderful people we meet were Nigel and Wendy …Nigel is from Australia and Wendy from Barriere ….yes Wendy is DJ sister a very awesome lady ..who travels a lot and so does Nigel . Boy some of the places he has been ..both him and Wendy have been around the world. I know Mom Ivy misses her daughter ..but she loves that her daughter's life is full. We had the privilege of camping with them for about a week and a half ….they have built their retirement home in Australia a home that overlooks the ocean and where you can watch the dolphins play from the sundeck ….wow Australia. But for now their home is Texas ..when they are home …Wendy leaves for Italy this next week and then Greece ..she does a lot of traveling ..I asked her to spend me pictures …these are places I will never make it to …so Wendy please send lots. And thanks again for the time shared. And Nigel send some of those awesome recipes you have .

Thanks to KimB for the paper and elements used.

Well this months have been an eye opener to a few things …have you ever wanted some one or persons to just be a part of your family or even just to be a friend …but for the right reasons …not to be there just to get goods on you to spread to others …gossip ..and even maybe turn it a bit so it keeps walls or doubts there you can never figure out if they want to be a friend or foe …this has been my thing this year …see time does not go on forever... there is not a tomorrow that all can be fix. I have always wanted to be a part of a family and I am with my family kids …but there has always been this place where you are not allow to cross you are made to wonder…in these last days I don’t want phoney I want real ….so when asked what are you ..friend or would you answer...honestly?????

I hope you all understand what I am trying to say ...I love you all and would love for all us to have memories together and be family ...but most of all FRIENDS to make a FAMILY.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures ......

Being Mrs Miles said...

That is a WONDERFUL pic of the rainbow Judy - you caught it just right! I'll head out there to catch the end of that thing LOL!

Deep thoughts on friends and family. Thanks for sharing.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

'Talking negatively about friends or strangers does not show Christ's unconditional love.'

Confront the person, blogger, tell them how you feel, how do they know unless you tell them?? Let them know what you are sensitive about, it goes alot further. If they dont try and understand, pray for them and for you. Ask God for a way to communicate your feelings. Creating wonder in who this person is, just divides a family more.

God Bless you and your family