Friday, October 16, 2009

David & Neti's place in Sparwood, B.C.

This is my SIL Neti ...the crafty one for sewing ...boy this girl is so talented...we spent the Thanksgiving weekend with David and Neti ...she was doing a craft sale in Fernie so I got to hang out was fun. I know it is not the greatest picture ..but you will notice that Neti has a beautiful pendant around her neck was a gift from our other SIL Maggie is is a hummingbird..which Neti collects. She loved it Maggie.

This is a tapestry that Neti did ...the picture does not do it justice

well ....this is hard to believe..but Neti and I went fishing ...on the road has we drove over to Albertathe boys sit on the couch..where it was warm see we were going fishing on the Old Man Dam in Alberta at 5:oo in the for Ling Cod...good tasting fish.
Now in Sparwood it had snowed ..has you saw in the very first picture...but what that picture does not tell you is then in the evening it was cooling down to
-12 and the last night we tried fishing it was -17.2 ...we are not sure how cold it was where we were..

but Neti and I dressed for it ......this is Neti checking her line both of us caught Ling Cod and I am so sorry ..I was so excited ..I did not get a picture ...but boy there is a lot of things you have to do doing Ling Cod fishing ...but Neti and I were a team...this was my first time...trying this...last time the boys were with us so they did most of the work...hehehe

Neti also caught a Bull Trout ..which in Alberta you can't keep they are a protected with a sigh we let him go ..she caught another one and boy was he jumping all around....has this is late at night I did not get pictures ...we stay there fishing to about 10:30 each night ...and Neti thanks so much was an awesome visit ...girl talk ...crafting ...just being able to be me.

Love you and David ...(loved the smarty panties) Oh yes Barry says love the pizza Neti...and David has to many toys ..he will have to come back to play some more .


Being Mrs Miles said...

WOW - you gals fit in a LOT of activity!!! I am impressed with you two, you get up to ALL SORTS of things - last time we all were together I remember two women who were dragging TREES around the campsite LOL!!!

Sounds like you had an amazing time, from good food, to fun and family, so greatful you shared.

Love, SIL