Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hannah is in play school ...and loving it ..this her sunflower that she grow ...she loves to draw and do crafts

Abi ...she is so sweet ...she is loving school ...and boy can she read ....Kindergarten ...where does time go ....

This picture below was on our drive home from Sparwood the icicle.

Now I know I told you about spending Thansgiving at Sparwood with family but what I forget to mention ...was I was so in a hurry to get to Sparwood that I grabbed my runners and head out ..see if you can tell what happen ..when you are to much in a hurry ...Neti and I laughed and giggled ..but hey they worked out any ways

And here is Ethan hard to beleive 7 months old already

This layout was a challenge and for doing it you received a small kit ...I am proud of it ...hope you enjoy....


Sam said...

K ma that whole shoe thing is hilarious....i got a good chuckle...thanks.

Those pictures of Ethan look how you blurred the one of him playing with his blocks.

Being Mrs Miles said...

GREAT pics of your Grand Girls Judy - very very nice.

The shoes thing - its funny and spooky all at the same time as my friend Rose shared with me just yesterday the SAME thing happened to her going to work a few days ago.

This could EASILY happen to me these days - so busy I can't think.

Thanks for sharing!

Love, SIL

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Judy:)
Great pics of your grand kids and Fantastic layouts!!! Especially LOVE the bath one with Ethan.How COOL is that tub?LOL
Okay..So far I haven't had a problem with wearing two different kinds of shoes...but I am pretty sure it would happen to me too if I didn't only wear one pair until they are worn out.hehe I have to find shoes that will fit my brace and when I do..I pretty much wear those babies out!LOL
Thank you so much Judy for sending me such wonderful emails and stopping by my blog and leaving comments for me.I really do appreciate them and hopefully will get caught up enough to return your kindness.:)
God bless you too,my friend!:)