Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let start off this blog with big
I know you two will have a very special day planned ..wish you the best this day and always....

Now has many of you know I went for a visit to Barb's ..on the way I stop to stretch those legs of my...and a few fellows were flying airplanes on the water....miss those days Bare was really a great RC Flyer
 Well time with Barb always goes so fast ...we try to get many things in to a visit besides talking up a storm ....she pick a beautiful bouguet of flowers for me and Sam ...we love the flowers Barb ...thanks so much ...they did well on the drive home....
 our flowers....
 and as you know from the blog before this one ...we got to do Mojo Monday together plus another SIL Nina it was great fun other than me not up to par ...but here is another card I made with Barb`s supplies...
 this poppy was sitting in the middle of the table at the house...looks like a small girl with frills around the neck and a red dress...
 well of course when you are visiting you have to do lunch we went to a little cafe where Barb and Miles know the couple ...they used to do chinese food and it was to die for ..but now this sushi place is so busy and they have great food we did not have raw fish ...but we had great food...the three roll
 on the plate the one with lots of red actually yams rolled up and boy they were great .

Well I am home and trying to be creative here are a few attempts...
 the spring card
 and I had to try my hand at embossing the Thinking of you is embossed ....
 now while at Barb`s she showed some great ideas for finishing off the cards inside ...hope I did it right sweet sister in law....thanks
so with that all said and done is time to get ready for the grand girls sleep over everyone have a great night ...hugs to all


Samantha said...

Wow busy busy!

Great pictures mom! and your cards are beautiful. Sure wish i could find my creative spark again....I just haven't wanted to craft lately as i'm sure you can tell by my blog.
Well have fun with the girls...I'm sure they will keep you busy :)

lots of love

P.S Aunty barb thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and thank you for thinking of me.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Judy,

It was wonderful to have you and yes we did cram a lot into just a few short days.

Its funny, the other day we saw a whole airplane set at a garage sale and I thought of you guys. We used to love watching you fly your planes.

I like the pics you took - the flower feild is spectacular this year. A good crop of flowers but also mosquitoes haha!

Sushi was num! Glad you liked it. What if I told you there was raw fish in the middle of the yam rolls - Just KIDDING! *snort*

Ok, your cards are simply gorgeous - especially the best friends one. Your work just keeps getting better and better.


Notes by Nina said...

Beautiful cards Judy, love the pictures. Thank you for the well wishes, Mike and I had a fabulous weekend.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Judy:)
You never cease to amaze me. So much going on and you still find time to make GORGEOUS these.:) So COOL!
You are does look like a little girl with the flower dress.:)
Your sushi looks yummy too!!!mmm Christy makes sushi for us once in a while.She made some last week as a matter of fact....she first lays the seaweed out and then the rice..then spreads softened cream cheese on it..then cucumbers..carrots..crab meat or cooked chicken or artificial crab meat..and then rolls them up and slices them with a dampened sharp knife.Then sprinkles sesame seeds on them.I make a dipping sauce with Kraft Miracle Whip salad dressing and sugar..with just enough water to make it a sauce instead of a paste.If you have an can squeeze the juice from that into it and good.I eat way too many too!!hehe
So happy you had a great time at Barb's and being able to make cards together with her and Nina.:)How FUN!!
Guess I had best go and leave room for someone else to comment.hehe