Thursday, May 17, 2007

Here are a few pictures of ..Dave and Neti ...they are getting ready to go on an adventure to ....another fellow(Vern) is joining the ride ...they are all going to Yellowstone National park on their bikes.
They leave end of May and have two weeks of exploring, and fun. Have a great time you two ..we all love you ..and can't wait to see the pictures
(Hey Barb doesn't our sis look like a sweetheart of a biker..hehehe)

When Dave and Neti were here in April I had given her some plants and some clippings too was from a Hoya plant.. cutting I had gotten years ago from Barry's parent's Dave and hang in their porch in Tulameen and had the neatness flowers and I was given a cutting...since then it has grown and so I gave Neti a cutting...and she is happy to say it is rooting..there were other plants I had given her ..she is like me loves her plants...and in our new home we can't have that many sharing them is great....and that way I get to visit and see the plants. Thanks for sharing on how they are doing and how great they are looking .............. love ya sis...
Neti And I both love the azalea's plants....hehehe

"Life's journey is always easier when you hear a friends footsteps beside you. "


Mrs. Miles said...

Yikes - are you sure you're not going to the big biker rally in South Dakota, Neti? You know, we ended up there one year - were goint to Yellowstone etc... but there was the BIG Harley rally in one of the places... we heard bikes EVERYWHERE... there was something like 100,000 of em! You look spankin in your leather!

Nice plants Ladies! Your place looks so cosy! Jud, it must have been hard to let your plants go, but its nice they have such a good home. Thanks for posting all these wonderful pics!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Lol..Thx Girls! But it's not's "Joe Rocket".My Honey got me the outfit. Nice man eh?! Hugs Neti

AmyW. said...

HI Judy!
Just thought I'd pop in and say hi!
Your sister does look like a biker chick! LOL! I love azaleas too, they are so pretty.
Have a great weekend!
-Amy W.