Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Little Instructions for Happiness
Stay loose -- learn to watch snails.
Make little signs that say "yes".
Make friends with freedom and uncertainty.
Cry during movies.
Giggle with children.
Swing as high as you can.
Do it for love.
Take lots of naps.
Laugh a lot.
Hug trees.
Write letters.
Celebrate every gorgeous moment.
Read every day.
Do it now.
Listen to those older than you are.
Entertain your inner child.
Believe in magic.
author : John C. Fitts ( adapted)
As some of you know we have our home up for sale ...we have been in this home for
17 years or more has been a hard road for me ...some times
wondering why our home as not sold being angry at God for how come ..why not???
I was blaming God for still be here ...but something tells me that somewhere
in my heart God knows ..I am not total sure ...the memories garden of peace
of our granddaughter and her time here....this
has been our home ..yes we have a beautiful new fifth wheel home ...
we have dreams ...but one thing I keep forgetting ..I said in God's time ...
Barry and I would get to full fill our dream..of traveling and living in the new home .
When God knows I have made peace within me to move on and to make friends with freedom and uncertainty.
He has help me through so much ..I must learn and stand that it will be the right time
for all
So please keeps those prayers coming and I thank all of you ...
( Candy , Barb, Mindi for reminding me there is a reason )
This was on my sis Barb blog and it made sense
I want to encourage you... if you've found my blog for the first time, or if you're a regular here, I just want to give you a hope that no matter what your situation that you're never alone. Our God wants something better for you - don't let this world get you down. Lay your burdens down - let the one who created you carry them for you!