Thursday, May 3, 2007

Well has many of you know we have a new fifth day it will be our home on wheels ....but for now we will travel and enjoy it ...visit lots of really neat friends and family...So for our first trip and try out we went to Edith Lake ...about 25 minutes
from Kamloops ..but a straight climb up ...needed to see if the Dodge Ram 3500 had the did .

Well if you notice there is a fish in the picture ...woohoo I caught the first fish ( Neti we are in the lead ..Neti was the first one to catch a fish to start off the fishing season...girls in the lead ...hehehehe)The weather was not the greatest ..but Candy and Dj ...and Glen and Patty and the girls came out to have the first wiener roast ....of course being so cold ..the kids all stay inside and watch movies...rough life. I have always noticed the house that sits off on the hill side ...looks so peace and big.