Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Well the packing has started and the going through the stuff ...we have been in this home for 17 years.The kids have been helping and some of the guys from where Barry works...which is awesome. Thanks guys...I have a wrecked knee so I can't help him much and Glen , DJ, Ron, and Randy & Dave have been helping when they can ..everybody works so you know times don't always match up ...but when they do ..their hands and muscles have been welcome. We always get a kick out of those that are waiting in the sidelines ..waiting for the free stuff ...just cause. Or arrive to get it and then oh ya can't help ..must run . And we have the one's that would love to help us out ..but don't live here....but wish they did or could even visit to help out .
We want to thank you guys for even thinking about the help and the thought .
we love you .(next time Neti your in charge of the yard sale ..hehehe)they wanted to came and help out..but they leave for their awesome holiday next week....but thanks again for the offer.
This is another flower that blooms in my garden...these are one of my favorite
flowers ..the columbine.
I can honestly say the one thing I will miss the most is our garden
it is just now starting to bloom and fill with color.

This Iris is one that we got years ago from Barry's Auntie Glady's ..I was able to give Neti some so it will stay in our I won't have my any more.


Mrs. Miles said...

The flowers are absolutely beautiful Jud - how awesome Neti will keep them for you...

Please forgive me, I've been so caught up in our own stuff - visiting with Mom/Dad etc, that we are not able to come and help - and did not even offer. We wish you the VERY best - and I pray your knee does not deteriorate more. Love you so much, and miss you.