Friday, May 4, 2007

Well today had started off nice ..I had a chance to chat to Alison and did a layout with some of my flowers that are blooming in the yard to show my sis in law Neti ...when her and David were here I sent some plants back with her and so I want to show her what they will look like when they bloom ....and then it happen...time to get Melissa off to school ...she was going to ride her bike ...but the bike was gone the last while a lot of kids at school have found their bikes stolen ...Danika her best friend found hers gone to ....we all figure it has to be kids from school ...she was so sad it was her first bike...last year I had written on how she learn to ride her friends bike surprise Papa and I we have a very sad girl...we know it was a kid ..because our bike are right there and they are still there....and they are nice bikes to ....sad day

Well ....I would like you to meet Electra ....a new addition to the family


Mrs. Miles said...

Awwww - congrats on the kittin! How sweet... and so very sad to hear about Melissa's bike *hug hug hug* sure looking forward when you come to visit - sorry kitty can't come :(

beautiful flowers !