Friday, May 11, 2007

Need to get away today ...selling a home takes a lot out of a person ...I have ask that if it is to be and with the Lord's blessing ..then please let it sell...and let me have a peace about it. I want Barry and I do the dream we have talked about for so long ...but hearing that my home is not a this or that ..has taken it's toll on me ..needed this drive to clear the head...
I came about this waterfall ..the water is coming from nowhere...and watering the grass and flowers around it ..and flowing down to the river.

I never realize that so many neat and awesome things were up behind us in the hills
then I came to a farm who had these cute guy ....makes me realize what adventures Barry and I will have and what Melissa will get to see also.

Was trying to be a photographer with this flower...hehehehe
remember I said that stream was flowing to the river ...well the river is rising fast ...the snow is melting and the land is turning is nice to see. It makes you think of what the Lord must of been thinking when he made the earth ...a garden of beauty, a place of peace. Something I have been searching for ...for a very long time.


Mrs. Miles said...

Beautiful photos Judy! I love your flower ones, specially. Looks like it was quite the fun sleep over! Thanks for sharing with us all, and you KNOW we're keeping you in prayer for the sale of your home. Love to all! Barb and Smiles