Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 222 - Stamping Saturday
Sometimes the background of some solid colored cardstock just needs a little something added to it. It's a great opportunity to pull out those stamps and select a slightly darker shade of the cardstock color to give it a patterned background.
thought this might work...the flowers were made by Sam using her Circut machine...

Day 221 - Setting the Scene

Here's a fun one...

We're setting the scene for a Tea Party!

Create a scene on your card that fits the theme.
now this one I had trouble with ...I had nothing that formed a tea party scene...
so off to the digital world I the Rag Ann and Andy are from Melonheadz...check the site out.
so this is my tea party scene...what do you think?
now this next card is just playing again ...the stamp is from Stampin Up snowmen
Well have a great Sunday ....


Samantha said...

They are wonderful cards mom and having seen these in person....these pictures don't do your card justice.
They are beautiful.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Judy,

Very nice cards - both so different from each other but nice! I think I agree with Sam, its hard to capture it "on film" Somehow I'm attracted to the first one, its so simple but effective.


Notes by Nina said...

These are wonderful Judy, I love the simplicity of your first card. It draws the eye. The snowmen and Raggity Ann cards are very cute.