Thursday, August 31, 2006

Aug 26 to Aug 30 --2006

Together again fishing the South Thompson River. Dave and Neti came back down to do some salmon fishing and camping. We had four great days...of fun and camp fires.

We meet people from Europe that had brought this neat camper truck alltrain vehicle.
They had been to Africa and on a safari ..the windows had bars over them so that the animals could not get in. Nice people..they thought our province was beautiful so much to see and do.

We did do a night in town a dinner and then the casino..Barry was the luck one. We all had fun my mom came along with us. We can't wait to meet again with David and Neti..we love them dearly. Thanks for the good time and great memories.
(Oh yes to date the biggest salmon caught was 28 pounds. They also catch them off the Pritchard Bridge neat to watch them and how they do it.)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Well this story needs to be told our granddaughter Melissa has been afraid to ride a two wheeler. Papa has tried to helper ..her Aunts..WELL Melissa taught herself ..she has been going to a friends and learning. She was at her friends Mikeala when she phoned and asked if we could pick her up ..I sent Papa and she surprised him. He was so proud ...she is an awesome little girl..we love her dearly

Well the grandkids came out to visit the Aug 19th ..they loved the sandy beaches and the warm river water.

The next day Glen and Patty took their boat and head to the Shuswap lake to tube ...we watched Hannah and the rest had fun

We have been blessed with some awesome weather out here. And so many good memories.Barry and I are so blessed with family and friends. Thanks guys

Well a time away from Kamloops...camped out at Pritchard where the salmon have startd to run..and cooler than Kamloops ...and the beach so sandy.
David and Neti had came to visit Aug 14 and stay for a couple of days fun and more fun. These kids that are jumping from the Pritchard Bridge are a great bunch of kids.
The jump will be about 50 feet maybe more. The camping is total free.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

So Alison and I finally got to meet, she had been on holiday's in Prince George ...when she said can I stop by. She arrived wih her two children two days after the wedding and into a home that was so busy trying to get our home ready for it to be put on the market. But what a friend and team player she pitched right in and was a big help. Barry had started to fix a wall and need it sanded and primed and there she was ...I had to work so she jumped right she was family.

Daniel and Sarah Alison kids) are really great kids...Melissa enjoyed having a new friend for the summer. The next day we were moving stuff into storage and had a house full for dinner and their was Alison hot dogs and hamburgers for all. And to all that were here THANK YOU so much, friends and family.

While Alison was here she took an awesome pciture of Abi..I wanted to share it with all of you...Alison is awesome at taking pictures. Barb and I and Alison can't wait to all get together this fall. And have a girls day.

Thanks Alison for being a friend and part of our family...God Bless you and your family.
There will other posting of the wedding ...we are just waiting for the pictures to come in so please check again in a couple of weeks.
Here are some more fun picture of a great wedding

The day was so beautiful...the Pastor who married Bob and Sharley was her Uncle ..and what a man of God . The ceremony was awesome.
And you can read their vows in my first posting of their
wedding the words were from their hearts.
Patti was Sharley's Matron of Honor(best friend)
Mike was Bob's Best man(best friend).

And here is our little Abi...flower girl...what a sweety
Here are some more great pictures from an awesome wedding :

Well the wedding


Please welcome the newest member to our family:


way to go Bobby

Sharley wrote these vows to:

You are my best friend.
For better or for worse.
Before you, all of this was nothing more than a dream
And it was a nice dream
But you came in and you made it a reality
My reality
And you've made it a beautiful reality
You took a chance on a girl
On a girl who had almost given up
Someone that had little beleif
No luck, and a whole lot of baggage
And you showed her love
You gave her hope
And you asked her to marry you
I just can't beleive that girl is me
I want you to know...
That I need you
I promise to protect you
And I will always try to be careful with your heart
I will honor you
I will love you
And I will always be honest and faithful
Know that I trust you
I beleive in you
And that I will never give up on this marriage
Our family, or our friendship
So today...
I give you my heart
My soul and my love
And am truly priveleged to become your wife.
I love you...

Bobby wrote these vows to:

As i sat down to write my vows i started thinking
about the last few years and how it
could not be summed up by some words on a

piece of paper, it is an overwhelming
feeling that almost takes the breath from my chest.

I remember before we met how
lost i was not knowing what i wanted,

and then by the grace of family, i was introduced
to you. My heart sank I couldn't think, talk ,

nothing i just stared. My thought to myself was how to not
screw this up, so i just didn't talk. A couple of days went by
and i started to realize that this was it.

This was the women I was going to spend the
rest of my life with.
Now more than ever, today more than yesterday
I know i will love you as my wife and my best friend
I promise to Love you every second of every day
As I will be there with you for whatever comes our way
I will honour you, respect you and charish you
I will keep giving you a kiss before i leave anywhere
and no matter how many more fish you catch,

i will always love you...
You are the sun in my sky.
and the anchor in my life.
And I would be honoured if you would be my wife..............

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Well I guess everyone is waiting for the wedding that took place July 28th is coming.
With all this house painting and getting rid of stuff time is short ...well be up by this weekend .