Thursday, July 30, 2009

These puffs were so perfect looking ....
Now these pictures below Bare did ..he is trying to learn my camera to
I think he did an awesome job ..the other nights skies.

This card here was made by my Sister-In-Law Nina for our anniversary ...
which is today.....yes 21 years
Nina thank so much it is an awesome card ...wish my picture taking was better ..
it is a beautiful card
to my Bare ...I love you ...
Happy Anniversary

Pretty old looking pictures ....but it was a great time and friends and family celebrating
our day .
( remember you can always click on the picture to enlarge it )

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I got a chance to spend sometime with my mom ...She is doing better...still a bit weak
Having some trouble eating but getting better at it appetite is returning...she has lost 30 pounds already ...these pictures below are from her flower gardens ...her lilies are so full . We all love you MOM

Ethan is growing so fast ....he is always so cheerful and full of smiles for everybody
The kitten was not hurt in any way ...Ethan was so happy to touch .....



This was taken by Bare did an awesome job on this video ..thank you so much ... this pelican footage was taken on our trip with Dave and Neti was an awesome camping time

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well this holiday trip was so awesome ...THANK YOU Dave and Neti was an awesome place you took us to ..loved it. Fishing was off because of the storms ...but still all in all it was great ..and Dave did catch a 12 lb Pike ...

and Neti we had fun water dipping ...hey sis wasn't it warm once we were in ...and so sandy no rocks or weeds awesome and clear.

And the boys ..well they got a lot of fishing in ...and had fun in Cardston...

All of us did catch a fish here ..I caught a walleye off the shore ....Neti and I spend lots of time on shore ...Neti has caught a 19 lb pike here Neti thanks for the walks and the talks and the pictures ...girl you are getting some awesome pictures.

Well you two can't wait for the next adventure ...Summit Lake ???? or did someone say


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Samantha and Corey and Hope and Ethan came out for a couple of days of camping with us ...Dad and Ethan enjoying the morning ...and then dad trying to out fish Hope ....

Samantha sent me over some photo's of our little man Ethan....he is the apple of his mommy's I thought I would do a layout with them ....

Thanks Sam for sending me some pics to play with.....Thanks to all the different elements and paper used by varies designers ...

We said good-bye to Samantha and Corey and moved on to a different lake this lake is on top of the mountains it is so peaceful there....and well I hate to say it I out fished my HB

Yes all the fish in that picture I caught ..I actually caught about 12 fish ...but my poor Barry could not catch nothing on his rod ...I did let him use my ...for some reason my sinking line was at that right depth and had that right fly on... I was lucky enough to catch these shots too ...of the deer

Thanks to Kimb for the kit called Camping out ..I used it for the layout of the deer.

Well today we are in Barriere Drew is in a ball tourament...his game is at 12:00 (hope they win)...I will let you know ...have the best day ever.

Missing Missy she is over in Calgary I bet today ya girl ...