Thursday, December 24, 2009

HURRAY ...I get to share tell the world ..well maybe those that read my blog .....
DJ and Candy got married ...yes ...Dec 6th . They were on a romantic weekend away and yes they tied the knot. Sorry I could not share earlier ...but they had their reasons. But now I can spill the beans.


And Ethan is crawling all over his thing is trying to walk stand him up and hold him ...those legs just start moving....he giggles all the way as he gets you to walk the room with him ...

I had to show off this key chain project done by Melissa for her electronics class....she made it for Papa's keys...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well I just had to show this off grand daughter Melissa made this for me ..yes it is a lamp ..she made this in Electronic class is so awesome ...I have it on my counter every evening I can turn it on ..sorry the picture below is blur ...but I want to get it blogged ...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ethan Christmas Tree ornaments ..

I used KimB's kit Merry and Bright and also a kit from last year

From Santa .... this lady is so talented ...and always has freebies up.

Also check on my SIL Barb's blog ...she has a freebie....

and it is beautiful ...thank Barb

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hi Nanny see me my shirt....
Now Melissa and her friend Andrea...dressed up Papa for his birthday dinner....
Then after they dressed Ethan

Here are some cards from Bare's birthday...the dad card and the Papa (blue card) are cards that Sam build ...Papa loved all his cards .....


Well here is one thing Bare has been working on ...last year he built our 2 granddaughter's their hope chest...while he was doing this friends from Barriere saw them they asked Bare to build one for their here it is so far ...this coming week he will be finishing it ...I will get a finished picture and show you all week.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Glen

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well I am not sure if I can begin to found the words that can say how much this girl is loved she turns 13 ....yes the teen years begin. She has always been a special girl to us all. So today I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to let her know how much she is loved ...and how blessed we are to have her in our lifes.

Now Melissa has the most beautiful brown eyes ...but her birthday wish was....BLUE EYES...

YES got it what do you think ??? She is so happy ...she would of liked a bit more blue ...but with those dark brown eyes this was the best they could do.

I want to thank KimB for the last few birthday layouts I have done ..this lady is so talented and has a heart of gold . The kit I used to do this birthday layout was called Christmas First.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yours is the smile
I look forward to each morning,
and yours is the voice
I love to hear throughout the day.
Yours is the touch
that can reach my heart and soul,
and it is your understanding
that so often calms
my doubts and fears....
Yours are the plans
and dreams
that blend with mine,
becoming ours,
and yours is the love
that means the world to me.
My life would be so different
if you weren't a part of it,
and that is why no one
has more to celebrate today
than I do.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HUSBAND... my best best friend


We miss you ...have a great birthday party today ...I know Mom & Dad will be spoiling you ya
Also a Happy Birthday to my Brother-in-law Bill ...and my nephew Bobby ...look who is 30 today ...hehehe

Yes all these people have a birthday on this date Dec 6th.... it is a day full of love ones and we pray the very best for them all you all

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just a quick layout of Ethan ....have a great week ...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well this is an advent calender that Samantha has been working on ...the top picture is her starting ... and then the end product I will fill each little drawer with a treat....Samantha you did an awesome job ...Melissa will love it Auntie Sam

Now this little soldier was made for Samantha Grandma mom ...Samantha used clay pots and then painted them and glue them all together mom loved it ...thanks Samantha ...I know Nanny loved him ....
Now Samantha is the card making mode I will try and get some pictures ...
Well it is Sunday so have a great blessed day ....hugs to all.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today is our son's birthday ...we want to wish him the best ever ..that the Lord answers his prayers and bless him through and through. Shawn...I want you to know how much you are loved ...your sisters love you and miss you lots...and well me and dad ..well I know if you looked inside your heart you would know how much we miss and love you . So we are hoping and praying this is an awesome day for you and your family and that this next year is fulled with love and family.


Shawn could you give the girls a kiss and a hug ...I know Mindi will spoil you rotten and say hi to all in Fairview for us


I am so sorry Auntie Lois that I am late getting this up ....but
HAPPY 77th BIRTHDAY on Nov. 17, 2009
we all love you and know that Uncle Richard and Terry spoiled you rotten ...
all our love

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is a challenge I have done for November desktop ..Ethan is so cute
Thanks to KimB for the kit Anyone for Tea
Remember you can click on the picture to make it larger...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Well let start off with my brother's birthday today ...have a great day Ron

Now it is also my SIL birthday ...have a great day Nina ...we all know the boys in your life are going to spoil you rotten and you deserve it girl ..have a great one...

Try to make a card for a girl who is so talented at making cards hope you liked it make sure you check out Nina's blog..and also jump over to Barb's blog to....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both...

also Happy Birthday to Russ to old did you say ...hahahaha

God Bless you all

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well today is the day first born turns 40 ...yes is hard to believe that she has grown and what a lady she has become. Time goes so fast and I am proud to say I have been able to be part of her life ... Candy I pray the very best for you may He bless you to the most He has for you . Girl you are loved ..we all wished you the best and the most. Always remember YOU ARE LOVED and SPECIAL in every way.

Happy Birthday Candy
Happy Birthday to KimB
make sure you stop by her blog ...she has some awesome birthday gifts for all.
Thanks Kim for the elements and paper used to do Candy's layout .
Happy Birthday to All

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yes the girl and friends went trick or was a pretty quiet one here for Kamloops ,,,the Wild Life Park put on a thing for the kids ...nice and safe and they had fire works for them also....
Well are cutey ... he is so sweet ..and always has a smile for you

Samantha found this Santa outfit ..last weekend at a craft sale we went to in Little some of these ladies are so talented....

Thanks to KimB for elements and paper used ...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Miles
God Bless and answer all your prayers
all our love

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hannah and Me and Abi
The stencil with the word love in it is a freebie at my SIL blog
so just click on Mrs Miles away you go
Have a great week

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hannah is in play school ...and loving it ..this her sunflower that she grow ...she loves to draw and do crafts

Abi ...she is so sweet ...she is loving school ...and boy can she read ....Kindergarten ...where does time go ....

This picture below was on our drive home from Sparwood the icicle.

Now I know I told you about spending Thansgiving at Sparwood with family but what I forget to mention ...was I was so in a hurry to get to Sparwood that I grabbed my runners and head out ..see if you can tell what happen ..when you are to much in a hurry ...Neti and I laughed and giggled ..but hey they worked out any ways

And here is Ethan hard to beleive 7 months old already

This layout was a challenge and for doing it you received a small kit ...I am proud of it ...hope you enjoy....

Friday, October 16, 2009

David & Neti's place in Sparwood, B.C.

This is my SIL Neti ...the crafty one for sewing ...boy this girl is so talented...we spent the Thanksgiving weekend with David and Neti ...she was doing a craft sale in Fernie so I got to hang out was fun. I know it is not the greatest picture ..but you will notice that Neti has a beautiful pendant around her neck was a gift from our other SIL Maggie is is a hummingbird..which Neti collects. She loved it Maggie.

This is a tapestry that Neti did ...the picture does not do it justice

well ....this is hard to believe..but Neti and I went fishing ...on the road has we drove over to Albertathe boys sit on the couch..where it was warm see we were going fishing on the Old Man Dam in Alberta at 5:oo in the for Ling Cod...good tasting fish.
Now in Sparwood it had snowed ..has you saw in the very first picture...but what that picture does not tell you is then in the evening it was cooling down to
-12 and the last night we tried fishing it was -17.2 ...we are not sure how cold it was where we were..

but Neti and I dressed for it ......this is Neti checking her line both of us caught Ling Cod and I am so sorry ..I was so excited ..I did not get a picture ...but boy there is a lot of things you have to do doing Ling Cod fishing ...but Neti and I were a team...this was my first time...trying this...last time the boys were with us so they did most of the work...hehehe

Neti also caught a Bull Trout ..which in Alberta you can't keep they are a protected with a sigh we let him go ..she caught another one and boy was he jumping all around....has this is late at night I did not get pictures ...we stay there fishing to about 10:30 each night ...and Neti thanks so much was an awesome visit ...girl talk ...crafting ...just being able to be me.

Love you and David ...(loved the smarty panties) Oh yes Barry says love the pizza Neti...and David has to many toys ..he will have to come back to play some more .