Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hi to all this last day of April.

Our son phoned us this morning ....he always phones to talk to his dad. I did get to say hi .....when Jordana asked to talk to me. She our son's first born daughter and she is a sweety. She plays soccer....and the piano. Her birthday was Feb 7, she turned 5 years old. I asked her if she had gone fishing yet ( they can walk to a lake from their house where the girls can fish)...she said no not yet ...she was waiting for us.

Boy.. sure brought tears to my eyes....we miss them and we hope to spend at less a week with them and hope we can also meet them half way. As they live in Fairview, Alberta. So this day and page is dedicated to You you

Grama & Papa

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Just a reminder comments are welcome......and also if you click on the pictures they will come out bigger to look at . Also if you want you can look at other things by going to the previous and also to the month shown. They are the archives. Have a great day....judgirl

Good morning to all ....not much new here....hope to have a new slide show up over the weekend ..if time allows.

Barry and I are both on nightshifts it's shhhh..time here. Well I hope you all have a great weekend . Here is what are brother and sis Dave and Neti have been doing.... out fishing us all. This is them fishing Suzanne lake. They said it was beautiful and they caught fish right and left. Neti's fish was about 3 1/2 pounds ...way to go sis. Can't wait for all of us to meet and have a fresh cooked trout for dinner.

Friday, April 28, 2006

To my Husband and all his ya


Well this one is to my husband....who has been working so hard on the lawns... the pond..and the flowerbeds. He has done an awesome job. And I want to share it with you all. The slide show are more pictures of what an awesome job he has done ...the picture you see with just the tall stuff is bamboo it grows about 6" a day (since this picture)they are now over the fence. And the flowerbeds ...I want to thank you for Barry. (Gives me more room for flowers.) And the pond is so clear has you can see the fish so clearly. If you are in the neighbour hood please stop by.
We would love to have and to share our Garden with you.

God bless ....


Hannah ....banana...she is a real little cutey. She has just started to walk...but if she can found those open arms and a pick me up ...she will. She has her stuff cut out for her ...having a 2 year sister ...who thinks all the toys are her's. Hannah will turn 1 years old....on June the 10th. We all love her and are glad she is a part of our lives.

luv grama and Papa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Boy ...if your ever get the chance to stop for a few moments 100 Mile House please stop and see the
beautiful waterfall ...that is 2 blocks from the main road. Barry got a chance to work up at 100 Mile House last week...and me and Melissa got to go on a adventure. We stop at the tourist info and the ladies were so helpful there. They told us how to get there and then to take 10 minutes and walk into the falls....and it was worth it. Missy and I grabbed a sub and juice and started on our walk through the nicest well kept park....with a play area to picnic areas (even had firepits) this large creek running thru it this beautiful waterfall. The sign does say the best kept secret in town. The water was roaring you can hear has you enter into the park. So if ever ...go and look. The town also has some very crafty little stores.(beautiful stuff)


Well sorry I am so far behind....that I am now posting Easter stuff.
But that's my life .....busy busy busy. But here are a few shots.
We had the privilege of having Barry's twin... Bill and his wife Maggie.
They came and spend the weekend. Everyone on Easter Sunday had
to hunt for their Easter surprises. ALL ....from Mom's and Dad's to
Auntie's and Uncle's had to go on the hunt. The Easter Bunny even left
Maggie's granddaughter and Easter basket of goodies.( hope she enjoyed
them). Our daughters got everything ready for seat down dinner ...which was awesome ...Thanks girls. And we gave Thanks to the Lord for the awesome day He give us.

God Bless you all


Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Please if you come to check out my blog ...please leave a comment.
Love to hear from you all.....


Well here's are the latest picture of
Abigail Candice Boyes

She is a little cute ....

Keeps everyone on their toes...

But we love her dearly ...

love Grama

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Hi to all

Meet our Daughter-In-Law...Mindi.
She is my son's world ...her and the girls.
They live in Fairview, we don't get
much time together ...but Mindi has always
made us feel right at home ....
and the times her and I have had
and spend time together have been great.
Thanks Mindi...