Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hi to all this last day of April.

Our son phoned us this morning ....he always phones to talk to his dad. I did get to say hi .....when Jordana asked to talk to me. She our son's first born daughter and she is a sweety. She plays soccer....and the piano. Her birthday was Feb 7, she turned 5 years old. I asked her if she had gone fishing yet ( they can walk to a lake from their house where the girls can fish)...she said no not yet ...she was waiting for us.

Boy.. sure brought tears to my eyes....we miss them and we hope to spend at less a week with them and hope we can also meet them half way. As they live in Fairview, Alberta. So this day and page is dedicated to You you

Grama & Papa


Being Mrs Miles said...

Jordana is growing into quite a young lady - seems like yesterday she was just a baby. Thank you for sharing with us! Your blog looks very nice and I love that you are journalling more. Love you, Barb and Miles

Anonymous said...

Very nice page....Love the pics you chose they show how happy of a kid are little jordana is...