Sunday, December 30, 2007

DJ has asked and Candy has replied ...December 24, 2007...Christmas Eve...a night of surprise, filled with LOVE. We love you both and think it is wonderful 2 people deserved more happiness then you two.

Congratulation Candy ya girl
Congratulation DJ....

I want to thank Olivia_ODorazio for the Snowflake elements and frames.This lady is awesome if you would like to see more of her element kits ..just click on Sophia Sarducci. At Sophia you will find lots of very talented ladies ....but make sure you stop and look at Olivia's for sure. Make sure you check out this site ...the rose used was made by Mrs Miles ..just click on her name and check out her blog ..where she has some awesome free elements .

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well we are off to have a fun day of tobogganing , snowmobiling ...and a big fire for roasting hot dogs finish last night the boys (DJ & Barry) did a fireworks show ...I will get some pictures later on ...but I was reading my SIL blog and thought this was so awesome ...hope she does not mind but I added the item to my blog ...but please make sure you go over and read her blog and also receive the free elements she has ....she is a very talented lady...

List of Priceless Gifts to Give:

To your enemy - forgiveness;

To your opponent - tolerance;

To your friends - your heart;

To your child - a good example;

To your father - deference;

To your mother - conduct that will make her proud;

To yourself - respect;

To all men - charity.

Be thankful -

for the friends who have forgiven you,

for the enemies who keep you cautious,

for the difficulties which make you struggle,

for the emergencies which make you think,

for the hardships which make you strong,

for the disappointments which make you try harder.

(So just click on SIL in red and you will get to Barb's blog site )

Have a great day

Picture will be added tonight.....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Well here we go ..Barry and I ...Candy & DJ and Samantha starting off are Christmas stay at DJ's ..the girls had a fun day of making nuts and bolts ...DJ's mom Ivy made homemade fudge ...and butter tarts. Me I just took pictures ...Barry worked on Candy's xmas present...and DJ got the snowmobiles ready for all of us to have some fun...even I got brave and took a few was the greatest. We got lots of snow so the Sunday fun-day should be a awesome...wish you all could be here....we all want to wish you all the greatest Christmas and Happy New Year..

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well this was the school's Christmas Concert ..I know this should of been put up before the other concert ..but I lost the video and did not found it till today ...sorry about that. In Melissa's classroom their teacher taught them the Tango ..and boy they were good at it. has many of you know our school is the first Science school in B.C. a few of us were worried that Christmas might get side tracked. But it did not ...they song old Christmas songs and did not get lost in all the stuff about saying WHAT. All the kids were awesome...but you know Papa his granddaughter was on the stage so here's she is doing the Tango ...she is the girl in the lite green skirt....hope you enjoy .....we all love you Missy


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Melissa and her friend Ellesia....joined a dance group has been good for Melissa ....she loves it . At the end of the course they will be doing a presentation at the Sagebrush Threatre.....can't wait


Monday, December 10, 2007

Well I said I would be adding more
to the birthday pictures...
Missy and her friends had a ball !!!

Make sure to watch Papa's video..just click on the arrow...hehehe

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Well today is the big day is
Birthday ...December 9th
She is turning the big 11...
we all are so proud of her ..
and love her dearly


We will be adding more pictures has the day goes on ...also check out Aunty Barb's and we want to say Happy Birthday to Rachel.....Thanks Barb for the cute cupcake ...Melissa love's it

Papa sent this over to me so I had to added....she was and still is a little cutey ...hehehehe

Thursday, December 6, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY ..wishing you the best...
From all of us here

Happy Birthday Madison

have a great and wonderful day ....

we love you ..can't wait to see you


Love Papa and Grama


Well the boys birthday is here again..

Happy Birthday Barry & Bill ..have a great day

A greeting on your birthday

For a very happy day

And then a year

That brings the best

Of everything your way

Enjoy your special day!

Also Barry and Bill head over to your sister's blog click here....

she did an awesome layout for the two of you ......

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The signs of winter

Well has many of you know Barry and I and Melissa started our big adventure this June..we sold our home and moved into our fifth wheel ....
Well to let a lot of you know this is hard part of the year for me ..this is where I have realized how much my home meant to me this time of the year see I would decorate every room in my home...every item had a memory ..if you know what I mean. Also it is a time to remember why we celebrate this season ...for the Lord. Many have been praying for me.. I have a situation in my life and with the Lord's help I will be able to let them know how much I love them more than words can say ...and one day soon we will be talking and laughing together.
( Barb and Miles thanks so much for your prayers).
I not saying I don't love our new life just hit me what I would be doing if I was in my house
where we lived for 17 years it has been a bit hard on me .
So this year I hope you will all love me and understand ...I love you all and wish you the best through this time and God Bless you all ....

Just some of the decorating inside our new home...

I have the privilege of decorating DJ's home(Candy's Man)
You see all our kids & grand kids will be home for Christmas and as I said
Barry and I have moved into our fifth wheel..hahaha no way that all those people can
stay DJ's mom and himself have offered their homes for
us all to celebrate Christmas together.....
below is a peek at what has been done so far ....