Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well this was the school's Christmas Concert ..I know this should of been put up before the other concert ..but I lost the video and did not found it till today ...sorry about that. In Melissa's classroom their teacher taught them the Tango ..and boy they were good at it. has many of you know our school is the first Science school in B.C. a few of us were worried that Christmas might get side tracked. But it did not ...they song old Christmas songs and did not get lost in all the stuff about saying WHAT. All the kids were awesome...but you know Papa his granddaughter was on the stage so here's she is doing the Tango ...she is the girl in the lite green skirt....hope you enjoy .....we all love you Missy



Anonymous said...

It was a great concert .......Looked the the kids had a lot of fun........

Being Mrs Miles said...

Wow - Melissa, can you teach me and Uncle Miles how to Tango? You did wonderfully! We sure enjoy seeing all your videos and photos here in Grammas blog - so please thank her for posting. A big hug and hello to all, and wish all a Merry, Merry Christmas from us!

Auntie Barb and Uncle Miles