Thursday, February 24, 2011

Now this card is to our daughter Patty ...see we have been keeping a secret ...she had tried out for a job posting ...160 people applied ...then came the different test and ability..of being able to do the job ...she then came down to 25 people left they had openings for 10 people ...she made the 25 then the 15 and has of today she is being hired and trained for the next 6 is a dream she has had for a long time see a willing heart and a dream can come true ...we are proud of you Patty...way to go girl.
Hannah waiting ....

The girls got skates for Christmas ..and started taking lesson in January.
This first video is Abi ...

This is Hannah ...they are doing so good ...way to go girls

Have a great weekend .....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yes I know this is not Monday ...but yesterday was MOjo MOnday and I am behind....
so without further so sorry I am late are my takes on the card layout...

Brown tones ...
blues ...tones
now most of the paper used in these cards are from Micheals...the different scallops on the cards are Martha Stewart...punches. The middle in the blue is a earring ...the flower in the brown are these packages of different colored flower petals you put together from the dollar store. Now I know every one has beat me up posting their cards so please check them out ...some awesome talented ladies ...
and you can always check out the Mojo blog ....
now this card has nothing to do with Mojo was just a Hi card to a sweet little person.

Now on Sunday I got to spend sometime with Abi , Hannah and Ethan ..they had so much fun drawing pictures together ...Ethan can say their names so good...and he loves to follow Hannah all over. they are a great bunch of kids.

Yes ..things are starting to grow and turn green ...Spring please hurray up...

Make sure you check out my SIL Neti's blog she has some awesome pictures up ..beautiful mountain in the background ..looks like an awesome place to camp ....hint...hint.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Now this card is made with paper from Michael's ..some ribbon I these flowers are...
from my SIL Barb's kit called Bold Blossoms...with a bit of cutting out and double layering some this is what I got ...the word are is from TLC ..and thank you Barb for telling me about it....
Which do you prefer the bow or no bow?????

Now this kit and other kits Barb has made are on sale at check it out.
Also check out Val's blog she is now into Mojo Mondays...hurray. I see all my SIL have something new on their blogs so check it out
and of course our daughter's new blog Sam

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SHE DID IT and here is her card plus her new blog site remember just click on her name SAM

Monday, February 14, 2011

Yes Mojo Monday...and here I am trying to get a card done...well here is my first attempt ...not really happy with it ..was trying to achieve something different..but just could not get it ..I will try again tomorrow...but I did want to get a card up for the Monday ...even if it is 10:45 p.m.

I tried cutting out one of the butterflies to see if it would help make the card look better. Wow it is just pouring out right now...makes you think of being camping...
Nite all...
Oh yes make sure you stop by my SIL's
they always have something awesome to share.....

Happy Valentine's Day..

Now this layout was using my SIL Barb's new kit called

Bold Blossoms...I also used her kit called Vintage Love...which both kits can be bought at Scrapbook Elements Store

Friday, February 11, 2011

I wanted to give the Mojo Monday card one more try but with a differents ...what do you think...
to get this circle scallop I had purchased a Fiskars punch so it makes the circle design ....( not that happy with it ...sometimes does not cut the paper )
I then try to cut out the flowers so they would be like the bottom layer of the other flowers ...all the papers used were from Michaels...well I hope you like it ...just had to try .

A quick card I made for our grandaughter Hannah she is always sending little letters so I wanted to do some thing special for her ...who you like it ya..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I got to babysit Ethan today was at work and dad had a dentist Ethan came to our house for a while...we even got to have lunch together. It was awesome.
This little activity center used to be the girls and Patty give it to us for Ethan to enjoy ...and he does... he has his books and cars anything he figures he needs to play.

He is so enjoying the fact he can draw on the chalk board ....and he does clean up so he can keep right on drawing....I tried to video ...but my battery was dieing ...he had a story with each line he put on the chalk board. Thanks for hanging out Ethan....

Last night ..a couple of friends and I went to a tea and coffee ...
This ladies meeting is an out reach to society's Elizabeth Fry ....
battered women...young girls needing help with things like drugs to being pregnant.
The wonderful dessert served ...yummieee...had to bring my home for my Bare...he loved it
It was an awesome night ..there were about 67 meeting ...they have all asked us to go through our closet and see if we have shoes that are in ok condition ..but we never seem to wear them....this winter the Elizabeth Fry society had women coming to them asking for anything ....the Elizabeth Fry society has what they call the closet ...where they collect things a for free you can get clothing or if you have a need they will try to find it for you.
Also at this next meeting they want us girls to be creative and dress a pair of shoes up
and the deal is must wear them and show them off the winner gets a nice basket of goodies. Now This where I know I have 3 very crafty SIL ...Barb..Nina...Neti any ideas.
make sure you stop by all these girls blogs they have so much to share....
Also Valinda ..if you have some ideas let me know...this next meeting is March 8th
Have a great day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday JordanaYes today is our granddaughter's B-day 10 years where does the time I know this girl had a big sleepover with 6 friends..cake and more fun...her mom and dad would of made it special. We love you Jordana and can't wait for the visit.
Have a great day ...and year.

Yes it is also MOJO here goes

So there is the layout we were given ...and here are my tries at it
and in this one below I tried my dragonfly stamp and yes used my Tombow Markers ..

What do you think Nina ????
and here is the last card again using the markers and stamps ...hope you enjoy. Now I know that Barb and Nina have their Mojo cards please stop by. And Neti as put an awesome slide show of their trip through to Golden last week. She did an awesome job so check it out. Remember just click on the name and off you go to their blogs.
Have a great week and give a smile away you never know what might happen might bright someones day.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary
Miles and Barb
May God Bless you both
He knows your hearts desires
and He will answer your prayers...
God Bless

Love from all of us here....have fun on your romantic weekend getaway...
Stop by Nina's and check out the card she made for is my card ...

Now most of you know our SIL Neti now has join us with her own blog ..make sure you stop by and say hi....just click on here name away you will go

The elements used for the anniversay wishes were created from Barb's kit called Vintage Love the wordart from bethany...Barb new kit is for sale at Scrapbook Elements ..check out the store they have some awesome kits on sale.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well this is a layout using my SIL new kit called Vintage Love ..Barb has done a great job on this kit ...she has hand painted the elements in this kit and it is up and on sale at Scrapbook-Elements

Well I had to try another round card ...they are so much fun ...
and another try at making a Valentine card...I want to thank Valinda for the shaker heart ..I loved it ..hope I did it proud Val.
Well make sure stop by all these ladies blogs you will found them on the side ..and I hear we will having a new blogger joining us SIL Barb is creating it right now ...can't wait to see it ...

(P.S the word art used in my SIL layout was from my wordart it is not in the kit)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yes yesterday was Mojo Monday ....and I did get my cards up ...but our daughter Sam played along ...she does not have a blog so I wanted to post them for her ...she did an awesome job ..I thought
all those buttons ...and she used her Cricut to creat some of the backgrounds for the buttons way to go Sam
now this is a card she has been working on to...wish my picture had turned out better is pinks and browns working together...

Now this Abi ...yes dentist time ..she did a good job and no cavities...way to go girl.
and Hannah well has you can see she is treated like a star...and no cavities here either..
Ethan saying a little prayer before eating those Cheerios...
this boy loves his book ...
Well hope you enjoy the pictures and cards ...have a great day.