Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today was filled with a nice drive... the pictures are from
the Nicola Lake area ...the castle house you see is on the old road
to Merritt...we drove up to the summit on the Coquihalla to Kelowna,
we spend part of the day at Dovetail Ranch ..the one lake you see on the
sign Island lake 10 pound plus trout ....beautiful country was a beautiful day
up there and awesome people to spend time with . Barry got spoiled but I will let him
fill everyone in good time.

(Please remember by clicking on the picture it will get large to look at ..thanks)

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well I thought I might go out and try learning some more
about my camera.
Patty and I took the girls shopping for a bit ...Abi birthday is coming soon.
Then we figured the girls would enjoy McDonalds and the play you can see the slide was the in thing.
After lunch we head over to the petting zoo...
but there was just to much mud..
told the girls in a couple of weeks we would go back..
but the ostrich did stop for a moment for a picture.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dave and Neti were fishing Grave lake ..when Neti caught her first Kokanee fish..
the picture with the two fish one is a trout(large one) and the other
Neti fish .
Dave sent a cute video of the trip ..but I have not figured out on how to
put up video for all to watch .
But we did talk to them and they had lots of fun.
We all can't wait to meet for our first fishing trip of the year.
(Thanks to Chaingang and to my sweet sister in law Barb
for the elements used in this layout )

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Remember when????
Would it be nice to have these back in Paper the Toonies and Loonies weigh alot .....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This is to All
My Husband ..who I love very dearly
My grandaughters all five of them
Melissa, Jordana, Matty, Abi & little Hannah

To My Daughters....Candy, Samantha and Patty
To My Son Shawn and My Daughter in Law
I love you dearly Mindi and glad you are in my Son's life.

This to Dave & Neti , Barb & Miles , thanks for letting me be part of the family.
Nina to you and your family ..thanks for the comments ...
they mean alot.

To all of you this day may your Valentine's Day be filled with love

My daughter in law sent me this picture and I just have to .

This is our son Shawn and our granddaughter Matty....

we miss you all very much ....all our love

( the red heart I used was made by my sister in law Bderksen )

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Abi & Hannah
Patty has been playing with her
black and white setting on her camera...
her girls fill her life and she never misses that chance to
catch those moments with them her busy
schedule of house work ..meals and doing school work .
Way to go girl ....those two girls are cuteys

Well, well, look who is turning 30 .....could it be
no it can't be....but it is
Well girl we wish you the best
Pray Gods Blessing on you and your family ...
You and Abi looked like you were having fun..
AJ well give that boy the cars and the put the car movie on...and
well who's birthday is it ???
He's a cutey
Auntie Candy & Abi icing the birthday cake for
Auntie Sharley
30th Birthday

Well here's pictures from Jordana's Birthday Party ...
looks like a whole lot of fun ..
wish we could of been there...
All our love Jordana

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Jordana
Wish we could of been there ..we love you !!

(I want to thank Daisie for the layout used and my sis Barb with help with the font used.)

Samantha New Home
Our Samantha has moved into her own suite.
She has painted and really made a choice of what she wants her place to look like.
It has been awesome for her ..but along the way ...she was washing her glassware
she had packed some time ago..well one of the glasses must of had
a crack because before she knew it ...she was at the hospital getting stitches.
Love your new place ....way to Sam!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Boy who would of thought sister - in - law gave me the idea that I should
spring clean and go through stuff ....
boy the things I have found ...
(Thanks Barb for the idea's been fun going through the boxes)
( the background paper bderksen)

Old Cans ....anyone with any info on these please leave me a comment to where ...I might found the info or something about them....thanks so much .

The background papers are from VictoriaSecret and the doodles are from bderksen.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


Yesterday was Mrs. Miles Jammie day check it out
Just click on
Boy did they have fun.......
Candy just shared this picture with me ...this is when her and DJ,
Samantha & Chris went to spend the long weekend in Sept. 2006
at Shawn and Mindi's ..and of course there is Matty and Jordana.
Shawn and Mindi invite family to came for a visit and they can set up 4 wheelers
for all and oh yes bring your fishing rods ...just 20 minutes from their house
you can catch walleye, trout. They will make you feel right at home .
(My daughter in law is an awesome cook )