Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yes Happy 12th Anniversary...know you two will be spoiling each other....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What can I say
or write....
To tell YOU
how much you are loved
Today is SPECIAL
so I pray....
the very best for you
today and always...
Always remember
this family loves you
my Sister-In-Law
my best FRIEND
Make sure to stop by Nina's and see the beautiful card she made her sister...she is so talented ....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just a quick layout of visiting family ...Miles and Barb stopped and stay the night ...and they got some time with Ethan....thanks Miles and Barb we loved having you visit and see the new place.
Now just a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Uncle Bob ...hope you day was special and we all know Aunt Rose spoilt you you guys ...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

These awesome people are brother-in-law David and my sister-in-law Neti and of course my Bare...the two had came for a visit and while they were here my sister-in-law Neti (who is an awesome baker) took some time and showed me some neat baking ideas ...not just showed me ...but made me do the work so I would know how she showed me pizza dough ...buns...and bread ...well what we made has ran out ..tonight I decide to show her I remembered and I thank her from the bottom heart ...THANKS NETI.
Went shopping Neti ...what do you think????

Yes that Italian sausage burgers chopped up and peppers ...mushrooms ...onions ...her and I talked in the afternoon ...she was giving me some pep talk ...and reminding me of other things I could use on the pizza...

yeast a rising
two pizza shells ready ....
made Bare's first a loaded ..olives..onions...peppers...and three meats
lots of cheese right Neti ...I know get closer to those edges ....

Melissa making her pepperoni and ham

and of course the ham and pineapple pizza ....
again Neti Thanks for the time the lessons is Cinnamon buns...fresh noodles and yes wontons I said this girl can cook get her and my other sister in law Barb in the kitchen cooking oh ya yummie. Make sure you check out my other sister-in-laws blogs ...Barb and Nina have a great weekend