Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is Melissa and Ethan ...Missy thinks he is so cute.
Ethan makes her giggle lots....

our little guy is growing so fast ...hope you enjoyed the video

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well we all know this is Melissa last year in elementary school ...high school in september ...the slide show are pictures from small to now ..our little sweety has grown up ...
hope you enjoy the small video from her last day of school.

Just a quick note:

My mother was released from the hospital yesterday ....we are so glad she is on the mend ...thank you for all the prayers

Sunday, June 21, 2009


To all the men who are in that circle of fathers .....papa's...and always being there for their love ones

Well today is mom and dad's 54 th anniversary ....with all that has been going on ....I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to the both of them . I know I have shared about the operations and stuff ...well since my last page blog mom is back in the hospital ...some other problems which have surfaced we should know more today ....
so their 54th will be spent in the hospital.

Thanks KimB for this awesome kit called Mezzaluna...this was my awesome gift from her for my birthday and it was so touching that I get to use them for my mom and dad's anniversary.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here is Hannah and Abi and Melissa .... having fun at her birthday party

These are a few pictures of Hannah's birthday from the weekend ....we weren't there for it ... not doing things right ... darn hey ...seems that if you don't do things the right ..and that right way would be the way others want you to be ...which is hard to keep up to cause everybody wants something different right ....but any ways

Well here is a quick note about my mom ...she had found a lump in the breast ...she has been checked out ...then booked the surgeon for yesterday and yes both breast were was cancer. From what I have been told she is doing great. They put my youngest sister in charge ..she was to phone all the brothers and sisters. I never did get that call ...and I can not call her number ...has my sister Ann told her son and daughter in law ..I was stocking Lois and she needed to run to Ann's house for protection ...they have been seeing each other for some time and Ann's son thought his mom was not ...because of a very awful letter Lois had written to Bob and his wife was awful... even put their son down to . So they needed a cover I was it ...,it was a good one . So my daughter Candy went to the hospital to let me know brother and I were never phoned. So now everyone is telling the family I am mad ...SORRY MOM I WAS NEVER MAD ..I was just HURT ...cause I could not found ouT OR GOT A CALL. Remeber I told ..what Ann had said ...about me stocking Lois ..when I was trying to set up your 75th birthday. SO YOU KNOW I COULD NOT PHONE THAT PERSON ....Yes it is a fun family ...But mom always remember Jim and I do love you ...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Keisha
we all love you

David... he did it ...Bare got his motorcycle license ...he has worked so hard on making his dirty bike be make it dirt & highway ready ...many hours at his brother Bob's place and help ..Bare alsobuild a trailer to haul the bikes around ...we are so proud of you Bare and thanks to all who helped with his dream...he is loving it ... and it only takes $4.00 to fill ...hehehe

These are pictures of our stay at Salmon Arm while they did warrenty work to our fifth wheel ..what a beautiful hotel. They have one of the biggest swimming pools for a hotel in Canada. And what a pool ..from our room we could go on to our patio and then open a small gate and there was the pool ...the girls loved it.

This is a card I made for David and Neti is hard to tell but the pictures are lifted off the page and so are a few other elements used ...thanks to Kimb for the Camping Kit ...loved using it for this card.

Well I have to say thank you to all ...for those that stopped by my other blog Mom's Little Man ...I will be closing it down ..I will post pictures of Ethan here...again thanks to all for the encouragement and prayers. Samantha also wants to thank you all. Her little man is growing so fast .

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well it is our granddaughter's birthday TODAY

Hope your birthday party on Saturday is awesome
Papa and I love you ....XXXXXOOOOO

Well Drew I am so sorry I am late getting up your birthday layout ...but we lost our modem and I have not been able to get this up ...for June 6th
but I know you had an awesome golfing day with your friends...
so belated