Friday, October 27, 2006

Abi, Hannah, Glen
Auntie Sam & Abi>>>>>
Papa >>>>>>>>

Tonight we had a family night of burgers and steaks and the kids got to carve pumpkins...lots of fun ....tomorrow night I will get a picture of them all lited up.

Well Papa and the grandkids playing in the backyard...well do you see who just crashed right into Papa shop door. A WITCH....well she will never fly again.

....the girls all enjoying time with Papa

Monday, October 23, 2006

The view of the river ..the colors so alive ..boy did God know what He was doing when He made the four seasons ..

Here are some of the last salmon swimming the South Thompson River

Seems so sad ...the struggle ...the laying of the eggs..and the end..they give it all.
We did a pitstop at my mom and dad's ..I wanted to show the rock that my sister in law had painted for them a couple of years ago ..when they move to Pritchard...

and mom's flowers still alive with color and the tree nest door so beatiful..

Has we started are walk to setup to fish the river we came upon this hurt buck
it looked like his front legs had been hurt ..either by a gun shoot or by being hit by a car... the highway is just above the river. He got nerves and then got into the river and swam

to and spot called Banana Island....he finally got up to where he could eat and was close to the sad ...

Has we walked along ..Barry pointed out that a few bears had been around ...has you can see the tracks

My husband ..loves the fishing and camping life..we can hardly wait to be free of Kamloops and other things. If you know what I mean.

Monday, October 16, 2006

They all look like they are all having fun even ....AJ

Patti and the girls having a fun day at the Pumkin Patch in Vernon:

The girls and their pumpkins:

Glen and Patty took the kids to one of the biggest runs of salmon..seems every four years a very good time to see this run. Looks like the girls enjoyed the day ..and the weather was beautiful...lots of school kids out there to see this salmon run.(Melissa school went today)

While we were in Fairview , Alberta ..Patty hosted Thanksgiving for her sisters ..they all were creative while they were all there.....Patty did a ham and they all had fun. Thanks Patty

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Well Samantha had a birthday .....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ...I know I am a day or two late here posting this .....(please forgive me ) been busy...and has you can see by my blog ....but our girl is a sweety and we love her dearly. WE wish her all the best . Happy 28th ya girl. ( October 12, 1978)

This beautiful card was sent from Miles and Barb.....(some of Barb's awesome work)

Samantha says thanks Auntie Barb......and sends her love XOXO

READ ALL ABOUT IT...our Neti has joined the biker group of Sparwood, B.C.

Way to go girl....our sister in law...a biker ...a rider....a great lady.
Here's a couple more of history...

Here's one more of the falls...

If you ever get the chance stop and take the was a nice way to finish our trip. Now off to Kamloops.

If ever you get the chance to visit and explore British Columbia..please do ..this province and other province have a lot of our history buried in them and there are so many beautiful place to see.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Down the road we go then we stop along the way at a creek bed by Jasper ....

We then head on to Mt Robson and what a treat can see the mountain top...

At the rest stop for Mt Robson...we learned that there was a set of mountains called The Overlander Mts...

and also a waterfall..called Overlander Falls and what a beautiful walk to them about a 1 hour walk both ways...and well worth it....

And the history ....The Forsyth's are related to Catherine it was neat.
Last day of our is one more group picture of Madison...the boys..and Mindi's center piece it is beautiful

Here's a picture of a clock that Shawn bought Mindi for her is beautiful and so unigue.