Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Retro Sketches Challenge 133

Yes ...time with my SIL Barb time
ok we got some time for a challenge and I love the one we picked ...
Retro Sketches Challenge  #133
this challenge was fun to do ...
and it was fun going through all of Barb's paper's and things
took me forever to found the paper
and the butterflies you see on the card
are cut out of paint chips 
now on our journey of having fun
Barb picked up this awesome envelope maker
and this is the one she made to go with my card 
she matched the color perfect

thank so much ...
Make sure you pop over and see Barb's card ...
Can`t wait for the next challenge.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Challenge #13....

          Ok challenge #13  put out there for SIL Nina and I
 by SIL Barb
 use Paint Chips
well here is my try at this challenge
my Moon and little ducks are paint chips from
Premier Kid Spaces Collection
the little ducks are colors they suggest for a baby's room ...
the background paper and little cloud you see are from
Bo Bunny Lemonade Stand Best Day Ever..
well did it come close for the challenge?
Next I wanted to show off this neat little gadget ..
Bare got this for Father's Day 
yes this gadget can cook and charge Iphones
Ipad...GPS...and if you just need to charge you just
make your little fire inside the cylinder and charge away.
we bought the accessories to go with it...
the barbq and the pot for cooking in...
check it out on Pinterest
Have a great weekend
and make sure to stop by the SIL's and see their creations.