Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well this is an advent calender that Samantha has been working on ...the top picture is her starting ... and then the end product I will fill each little drawer with a treat....Samantha you did an awesome job ...Melissa will love it Auntie Sam

Now this little soldier was made for Samantha Grandma mom ...Samantha used clay pots and then painted them and glue them all together mom loved it ...thanks Samantha ...I know Nanny loved him ....
Now Samantha is the card making mode I will try and get some pictures ...
Well it is Sunday so have a great blessed day ....hugs to all.


Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Judy,

I am at Mile's school while he does marking. LOVE the advent calendar and what a terrific idea! You and Sam are very talented at your crafts. I'll bet her cards will be lovely - I've been able to do some, want to do more in the coming days. We will see. Will look for you online for a bit tonight if I am able!