Thursday, October 12, 2006

Saturday we just relaxed and headed into Grand Praire for the day...Barry and I were looking at the fifth wheel selection there....and the work ...boy you can found four jobs if you want McDonald 14 years old wages start at $8.00 and most of the the other staff are at $10.50 to $13.00 per hour. And the cost of living is about the same has here in Kamloops. We had our big dinner to night Mindi's parent came over and we had a great time. We all relaxed around a game called Settler..even barry got into it. The only downside was our little Madison got the flu bug...and boy she was sick...poor kid.

Well here we are Sunday ..enjoying family time

Mindi's Garden:

Her backyard is beautiful...nice and big

has you can see the girls can even quad there:

A quiet night of left overs and movies...ahahah so great to be here.


Being Mrs Miles said...

I love how you used the candies in the layout of Mindi's garden! and look at the wee elves, wait! Is that a little angel in there with the gnomes? It is! and what a cutie too! ;) Looks like such a relaxing place to be - and I am so sorry you were sick!

Being Mrs Miles said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice pics mom. The flowers were alot nicer in the summer. We have so much snow now. I bet 2 feet. See ya soon.
Love Min