Thursday, October 12, 2006

Well let's start at Friday ..the start of the Thanksgiving Long-weekend .
Our journey with us heading to Fairview, Alberta see our son and daughter-in-law and the grandkids.
Can't wait to see them ....we 4 days to visit. We always stop by Blue River a beautiful road side pitstop...this is where the blue jays were...throw bread crumbs for them and down they would come. We then head off the bad weather of snow and rain started after Grand Cache , Alberta.
(I wish Barb or Miles could of been there the sky and the clouds and the sun...boy their kind of pictures.)


Being Mrs Miles said...

Gotta have your blue jay pic! this is an awesome LO - it really lets us feel like it was for you on your journey. I bet with every mile you drove you relaxed more and more. You have done a tremendous amount of work laying these out and blogging and I sure appreciate it! I love you!