Saturday, October 14, 2006

Well Samantha had a birthday .....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ...I know I am a day or two late here posting this .....(please forgive me ) been busy...and has you can see by my blog ....but our girl is a sweety and we love her dearly. WE wish her all the best . Happy 28th ya girl. ( October 12, 1978)

This beautiful card was sent from Miles and Barb.....(some of Barb's awesome work)

Samantha says thanks Auntie Barb......and sends her love XOXO


superstar said...

good picture

Being Mrs Miles said...

Oh Judy, thanks for posting the card... and I am so glad Sam had a good celebration day. I think Sam is a sterling person and she is #1 in my books. Love ya Both!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sam!

Hope you had a good one.
Your getting closer to 30! (lol)