Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Well here is the last time I will mention DECEMBER 6Th ....our nephew Bobby and Barry's twin Bill also were born this luck day ....boy hey 4 in one day ..we were lucky enough to get a little bit of a celebration with Bobby...we had them down on November the 11 Th also ..and did a cake and song for him. Then his wife Sharley then had a surprise party at our daughter's Patty and let me tell you BOBBY was surprise....we love you Bobby and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

We were unable to celebrate with Barry twin brother Bill ..but we wish him the best ..and want to let him know we love him ..and maybe one day soon we can all get together .....if that's OK ...

well guys all our love and blessings to both of you
Barry & Jud


Being Mrs Miles said...

Yes - BIG BIRTHDAY HUGS for you guys! Whew... 1/2 a century LOL now thats old ... he he, I can only say that as I am coming up on it myself in the not too distant future.

Love ya's - Sis and Smiles

PS - thanks for these pics Jud!