Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well I thought I might go out and try learning some more
about my camera.
Patty and I took the girls shopping for a bit ...Abi birthday is coming soon.
Then we figured the girls would enjoy McDonalds and the play you can see the slide was the in thing.
After lunch we head over to the petting zoo...
but there was just to much mud..
told the girls in a couple of weeks we would go back..
but the ostrich did stop for a moment for a picture.


Anonymous said...

Great pics the girls had a great time......

Being Mrs Miles said...

Way to go Jud! I am so glad you and Patty took some time out together at the petting zoo. Looks like you still have more winter than us... gosh by the time you get here it will be spring .... haha! Our snow is all gone - so bring your bikini when you come, girl!