Sunday, February 10, 2008

Well the truck is out ...we have gotten a new truck ..
it is a 2008 Dodge Ram Dually
it can carry our fifth wheel plus more ...and has all the
safety features Barry feels we need to be on the highway ...

Supper time !!!!!!

Well this was supper last night ..sorry it sort of melted the filmstrip..heheh
I did the cod fillets laying on orange slices..
and fresh spices ...and scalloped potatoes..
Barry loved it

(Thanks to marcee for the film strip element )
This is our first campfire was awesome ..can't wait to meet with all and have a campfire
and weiner roast and those marshmallows we love so much know
the coconut covered ones....hehehe


Being Mrs Miles said...


I bet you can't wait to drive somewhere now LOL.

Your dinner looks wonderful and I hope you saved a smokie for us! I can smell that nice campfire smoke smell from here!

Love you
Sis and Smiles

Anonymous said...

your dinner looked good ma!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow when you cooking that for me? Nice truck looks pretty.......

Anonymous said...

Very nice new wheels. Dinner looks fabulous. The camp fire looks like it needs a little ice fishing :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Truck! Looked like a very nice dinner! I loved Barry's comment at the end of the video that was awesome. Shari