Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well the kids came for the day ....they are getting so cute and their sayings wow

The scrapbooking kit was made by Olivia or (I should say Mrs Miles

a very talented Sister in law)...the kit is up for sale at Sophia Shoppe

you will found it under Olivia Odorazio ..check out the store

(just click on the names and you are there)

Has you can see by this picture ..I found these stairs ..just there

where do they go????

Why the barrel inside the stairs ????

Where we are staying ..we get to watch the jockeys to trucks running the race horses getting them ready for the season..I am hoping to make it to the stables and get some up close shoots.

Our little Hannah and Abi ..want to feed the birds they spread bird seed all over ..and the geese seem to like it


Anonymous said...

Great pictures love the layout..........

Being Mrs Miles said...

Love how you used the kit - VERY sweet! Those steps really are very strange, out in the middle of nowhere, and the barrel perhaps was to save on concrete? Ya think?

Talk to you soon.

Hugs, Sis