Monday, April 28, 2008

Well I know these are late getting up ...these pictures of Barry and Marv golfing ..happen before Bare's surgery. We had to take our fifth wheel over for it's yearly check up in Salmon we all figured why not try some golfing ...seeing we can go fishing ...boohoo. So here they are better late then never...this was my first time golfing and what a blast ..willing to try that golfing again. Marv and Sandra(live in Salmon Arm) then had us back for an awesome dinner ...and thanks for making us so welcome. Hey Sandra one day we will show these boys how to golf ..hehehe.

I want to thanks Mrs Miles and GrumpyPup for your prayers and your comments ...please keep those prayers coming . I know all of you have been praying or keeping those fingers cross for Bare and his smoking ..well he did buy a package ...he says he is going to really try and quit please keep those prayers going and those fingers cross. Melissa and I are.
So barry and I thought we would drive out and see how the lakes were doing ..boohooboohoo...still frozen .
So I hope's a couple of pictures of Edith Lake ...


Anonymous said...

Hey ma.....where are the pictures of you golfing? Prove it :) Glad you had fun trying something ya!

Being Mrs Miles said...

Good Pics Judy, thanks for allowing us all to 'tag along' with you! We continue to hold Barry's smoking up in prayer.