Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well this last week we were able to do some traveling ....we headed over to David & Neti's was so nice. We also got time to stop and have a coffee with Barb ( it was awesome to see you girl). Sorry we missed you Miles time . Then we head over to Sparwood ...I was so excited to see Neti girl ...hehehe. The weather was cool going over ...but then awesome for us to be able to have some fun. Well those two have been fishing up a storm ...the ling cods they have caught ...awesome one fish had to be about 13 pounds . So they were going to teach us ..Barry and I have never caught a Ling this was going to be awesome experience. We had to get our Alberta fishing license to go to this reservoir...where they had caught a lot of ling cod. Well there we were fishing at 11:30 at night. 5 bull trout and 2 ling cod later ...we headed home...but with no fish..not the right size or breed of fish ..giggle giggle(but lots of laughter and fun). If you see the picture with the red eyed monster that was our Dave. Boy no trouble sleeping that night . The next day over to Suzanne lake ..beautiful day and scenery...we won't talk about fishing ...( Barry was the only one to catch a fish ). Neti cooked up a mess of awesome Ling Cod was so goooooooood.

Then in one evening sis was teaching me how to make pizza dough and load it up with goods. She also had some great ideas for saving time with vegetables and freezing them . She is trying to teach me how to eat health ...between all my SIL I should start eating the right stuff...giggle.

Then one evening sis and I went for a drive ..she show me where the Elk are ...and boy it was beautiful ...thanks Neti ...I loved it . We had to have seen 300 hundred of them ...and there were deer hiding in there to. What a way to end a evening and my visit with you. David and Neti thanks for the love and the fun...can't wait to meet. Hope you guys had a great ride on GoldWing after we left. Hey David remember to send me some picture of all those ling cod ..would love to show all the fisherman...hehehe

Awesome Pizza
Thanks to Olivia(aka Mrs Miles) for the elements used to do this layout ..make sure to check out her kits at SophiaShop
also remember just click on the pictures and the layout's will becomes bigger


Being Mrs Miles said...

Wow - your photography is simply amazing Judy - I am way impressed. I love the layout you made of Neti and the Pizza - I wonder if we can 'order out' from her house haha! Neti looks so GOOD!

Thank you for taking us along on your trip. I enjoyed the journey & loved seeing you!