Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mom..yes these are pictures of the two things she loves the hummingbirds
and her flower gardens(I got to help with the flower gardens)
..lately she has been going through some stuff
and I wanted her to know she is loved very much .
Her and I get to sit for awhile at the hospital ..she was called in for a CTscan ....
this is Mom first time back to a hospital since her last child and that was 45 years ago .
Has you can see in the one picture the bruise..she can't believe in all those years
taking blood has not been made easier...I wish I had take a better picture ..the lump
after they did this was like 1/2 sticking up. I know the teck at the CT scan was upset
that the lab in a hospital had done this we know why people hate blood test.
But Mom made through with flying colors ...all the needles and the stuff she had to
drink. I would ask you keep her in your prayers ..she has a scope at the end of the
month . So Mom this layout is for you ..I hope you like it ...and always remember


I have been working on this idea for some time
but is founding the right stuff to go with what you want to say
or show I want to give a big thanks to KimB for the stars
and the pink flowers from her kit I Believe..awesome kit if you get a chance
pick it up ..and KimB always has a few freebies on her site ..just click on KimB
now another lady who help me out was my SIL Barb ...her kit Tsunami Blue Kit ..
another kit you all should have ..just click on Barb's name and there you also found freebies.
Thank sis ya

Nice site for info on Hummingbirds

This is Dad's garden...the Stop Sign Garden has Candy would call it .

He loves his gardening the back of the trailer he has an bunch of veg's growing to ....

Mom can't touch the garden's a man thing ..with Dad

Well I hope you enjoy today's entry....all the best and God Bless you all.

(Please remember just click on the pictures and they should come up large to look at )


Being Mrs Miles said...

What a sweet layout for your Mom, it must be hard for you to watch her go thru this.

Thank you for the hummingbird info, we've got several frequenting our place, now i can identify them.

Love Dad's stop-sign garden, what a neat shape and LOL about it being a 'man thing' for your father.



Anonymous said...

good job ma!!! ya nan