Friday, November 14, 2008

Well has many of you know I lost my computer for awhile ...I am now trying to get this computer back up and running here’s me trying to get caught up on some of the most important things I missed blogging

And an update on little Abi ...her arm is healing great ..and if all goes well she will hve the pins removed and not have to go back into a cast. She is ya girl .

{thanks to CelSel for Qp and Kimb for doodlebirds)

I am so sorry Candy ...has most of you know I love sharing about my kids and their familys well I could not blog about my daughters birthday the day of so better late then ...... my daughter Candice B-day November 5

{Kimb for paper and bows}

Next Novemeber 6th and I am sorry but I did not do layouts up for Barry’s sister Nina’s ..and we are sorry we missed talking to you ...but we love you and wished the best for you ( how was Calgary). My brother Ron’s birthday ...wishing you the ya...another one hey bro.

Halloween Night ...and all the little kids going out trick or treating...these girls had an awesome time .


Being Mrs Miles said...

Wow - you've been busy!

Love the layouts Judy. Glad to hear Abi's arm is healing!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Candy - sorry I missed it for you :( I can't seem to get it together these days.

all the girls look so very sweet for halloween!

I'll be back - nice to see you blogging agai.