Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now this card is beautiful sister-in-law Nina made this we all know how talented this lady is can see her cards at her site ..just click on her name ..and you are there. Nina thank you so much I love it ..and again ...see those pink flamingoes on the paper ...awwwww

This awesome cards was made by my sister-in-law Barb sweet and I love the verse that was inside ...thank you so much ..I love it hey a pink flamingo ...the stork is going to be upset ...hehehehe

Now these very talented great Aunts also made the new Mom and Dad and baby Ethan cards ....please check them out at Mom's Little Man

Our little man Ethan


Being Mrs Miles said...

Thanks for displaying our cards Judy (blush!) Nina's are amazing, aren't they - I treasure each one!

I CAN feel you beaming across the miles - give baby a (gentle) squeezie for me!