Saturday, May 23, 2009

Guys I can't believe how fast 7 days went ...can't wait for the next big adventure.
I love this picture ..the aprons we are wearing ..were made by Neti ...she made us both the same one ...very special to me ...Thank you sis you lots
Here is a picture of one of the fish caught ..there was about 6 caught that size ..awesome time girls out fished the boys ...but David did caught the biggest one ....
I have been trying to play more with the settings on my camera to get my SIL to show me more ...please Barb

Cousin Barry and his wife Lorna came up ..and of course our dog is sitting in his favorite spot ..with David ...

Bob came up to where we were camping was a nice visit.
Bob ------David-------Bare

The drive home we hit snow ...after leaving Merritt and heading towards Kamloops


Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Judy,

So glad your visit and camping trip was a success. Your photos are wonderful - you don't need help - you are doing just fine... In fact it looks like you could give me a few tie as well! I know you will get a ton of use out of your apron. Neti is very talented. Cute to see you in matching ones. The place you are camped looks like a nice spot. Isn't it nice that spring and sunshine are finally here?

I'll catch up with you later!
Love sol