Monday, May 11, 2009

Well just to let you know you can apply for your fishing license right online ...yes E-Licensing is here Fishing License just click and away you go.
Well fishing time is HERE ...
Dave and Neti sent some fishing pictures over from Suzanne lake ...looking good.. David

I was wondering what to do for our bathroom window ...when a thought came to me ...KimB has a new kit out it is called Antoinette Kit ..if you click on the words it will take you to a freebie ...a Qp using this kit. so the picture belows shows how they look on the window in the bathroom

Well I hope you all had great Mother's Day ...I know I did ....


Being Mrs Miles said...

Looks like you were richly blessed Judy. You are a wonderful Mom. When our grandchildren start arriving I hope I can be as fine a grandmom as you are to all your gk's and kids.

Catch you online soon!

Love SIL

PS - NICE fish, Dave! Whoo hoo!

Being Mrs Miles said...

Just checking in sweet SIL! Hope your skies are sunny today.

Love ya!