Sunday, May 31, 2009

Well to finish off my birthday day Bare cooked an awesome dinner for me ...and we had good company to share it with ....sorry I did not get any pictures of him busy in the kitchen ...I have been fighting a cold and at times it gets the best of me I had a bit of a nap to rest up for the great meal and company. Now I have another present I must share with you ...yesterday on my birthday ..I had to pick up my granddaughter from one of her friends house off I went to get her ...well on the way guess what I did ....yes a speeding ticket first probably in 25 years if not more in fact it might have been my first speeding ticket ever

now this ticket was $196.00 ....I could not believe it .....the officer came back to the van and said today is your birthday and I answered yes ...he then said Happy Birthday ...this time it is a warning .....well I thought I was going to cry ...I thanked him and thanked the Lord what an awesome birthday gift ....and yes I am watching my heavy foot .

Now I know the cake says 42 ..but we all know that is not true ...but my Bare and granddaughter Melissa thought it was a neat idea and I love them for it ...thanks guys .

And again thanks to all that sent birthday wishes and hugs love you all.

And to the the kids love the new outfits and to the grandkids the sandals to go with the outfits ...all my love to you all (the kids are still trying to dress me into the 2000's)

One more thing ...I want to thank my sister in law Barb for the awesome birthday song she sent me ..I was trying to get on to my blog for today ...but I am not sure how to .....but I loved it Barb ....thanks

Neti and David sent this picture over and I just had to added ...

When we meet for the week of camping ...our dog Peewee was in his glory ..he loves his pals David and Neti and boy they spoil him rotten


Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Judy!

I am so GLAD you got spoiled (is that a DQ cake there? mmm my FAVE!)
and I am so SAD for your speeding ticket. I'm shocked they really gave you one on your special day - but grateful if it saves your life. I want you around for a looonnng time!

I still have some gifts for you, but waiting till we get together. I want to have your input when I do your blog revamp and another thing needs painting, would love for you to see when I do that.

Give Bare a BIG hug for cookin - did he wear your apron? *wink*

The pic of PeeWee in bed is TOO funny!


Loosie Goosie said...

Happy Birthday Judy!

Kim B said...

OH NO!!!!!
I missed it and feel terrible!
Judy HAPPY BELATED Birthday my dear friend!
Been so crazy this side and if I don't get reminders I'm just not HERE- hahaha

Looks like you had a AWESOME day and what a great feast!
I hope this year brings you nothing but happiness and all you hope and dream off!

Big hugs and a suck up sorry for missing it ;-)


Gail said...

Barb sent me - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUDY! So glad you had a wonderful day.

Being Mrs Miles said...

Oh JOOOOODDYYYYYYY where are theeeee?

I miss yeeeee!