Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is a busy weekend here at the KXA it is the Winter should see the place wall to wall trailers...fifth wheels ..tent trailers you name it is here ....this is put on by the 4H so come buy a cow or a lamb or see how hard these kids work with their animals.

Yes a box of fresh garden vegetables ..sorry I did not get a picture of all the tomatoes and cucumber..thanks so much guys

Thought those were interesting pieces of wood ....this face one here I think would be neat painted up ..might have to give that a try next ...


Being Mrs Miles said...

VERY cool wood pieces Judy! I can really see the face in the tall one. I will look forward to seeing what you creat with this. The other pieces look like lace or netting.

Nummy Veg - what a thoughtful gift. Bet they tasted great. Store veg never quite measure up.

Love, SIL