Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Well I know a lot of people out there might not think going into High School a big thing ...but this little sweetheart a big part of my life. I was the one who take her to kindergarten and then watched her move through the grades to where she graduated from grade 7 to grade 8 ...she our first grand daughter .. so to me this is a biggy...
I love her dearly ..and pray the best for her has she enters into the world ... a world where so much is opened up to these kids and these girls ... the drugs.. the sex.. the dressing to show how grown up they are Melissa I pray ...that you have the eyes to see ...the heart to know you are special ..beautiful and can be the most you can be with out losing yourself ...I LOVE YOU

Melissa and Papa ...

Melissa and friends

Thanks to Val for the paper and elements to do the layout..make sure you check out her site awesome lady.

Well Ethan looks like you are having ya

Well have a great week and remember the kids ...oh yes I also mean high school people are also out there ...walking to school ....


Being Mrs Miles said...

Wow - Melissa has grown into a beautiful young lady. It IS harder for teens these days and they do need our prayers of protection.

I love your layout - Val's papers and elements were ideal for it. Very funky!

Did Melissa have to go shopping for school? What are the fashions this year?

I will try to check in you even with Mom and Dad visiting. I look forward to our time together as well.


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Judy.:)
Wow..high school already??I know how you feel.Kids grow up so fast and when you want to have the "talk" about sex..they ask you what do YOU want to know.When my kids were in high school..I was trying to shield them from foul language etc and they said they heard it EVERY day at school from the kids...they were use to it.Pretty sad..huh? :( My kids turned out spite of it!!! A couple of hurdles we had to get over..but all in all..terrific kids.:)
Thanks so much for using my paper and elements.You did a great job on the layout!!:)
LOVE your pics and the story of the missing teeth..hehe.Have you seen the "my milk toof" I get a kick out of it.LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Sam said...

Good job ma on you layout of the girls.