Friday, January 1, 2010

Well I hope to give each picture a quick little note to share with you ...but the biggest news this Christmas Eve ..was our daughter being asked if she would marry her man....Corey asked and she replied yes ....Congrats you TWO...we love you both.

Ethan he loves his cookies

He is crawling all over and he is starting to like walking around with your hand

Below is Hannah she sat with us while we watch Abi at her first Christmas Concert ( I will be posting a little video of it ...just waiting for Papa to do it for me )

Well has you can see Santa left behind a reindeer dog Peewee
This is Keisha and Ethan ...this is his first Christmas ..
he is trying to get into this ripping opening the presents ...

Auntie Candy teaching him how to rub noses....

Now this cross is made by a very talented lady ...Christy
I visit her moms blog site ...yes Val ..this lady is so awesome and very talented to.
If you get a chance visit her blog ...Vj's ScrapRoom
Val sent me these scrapbooking items along with the . Girl you will never know how much your gift touch my heart ...thank so much my friend.
This is the card Val made for the family ...I loved it...thanks
Now these cards below first one Samantha...the middle one my SIL Barb (make sure you stop by here blog she is giving an awesome freebie away) and the third card by my SIL Nina now this girl made some awesome cards for the season check them out at her blog

Now these two cards below are my trying to make something different for Christmas Cards


Sam said...

great job ma on all of your's been awhile....I've been waiting :)

Radka said...

Beautiful photos. Have a nice day Radka.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon Judy:)
I finally made it back.I have been sooo busy.We had the kids over for New Years dinner and they stayed all day..then the next day..Jimmy(oldest son) helped me take Christmas decorations down..that took all day.. and then Sunday I was too pooped to pop.LOL I didn't go visiting everybody.
Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!! How cool.Jim proposed to me on the 19th of December..many years ago. What more could I want for Christmas that year?LOL He couldn't wait to ask.hehe
You got some terrific pics of the kids.Ethan is growing so fast.I can't believe he is trying to walk already.
Sooo glad you liked your goodies!
:) I love your cards too..Samantha must be taking after the talent in your family!! Totally cool!
Enjoy your day my friend!