Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well here is one of the new babies...well she is a week old now ...Jim and Alice have 10 race horses...4 of them are having foals...and then a billy goat was also born and of course the race track has a couple of chickens too. The barns are filling fast ....
I was so disappointed ..I never realized that I caught the fencing ...boohoo

Now this is a small Yorkie...his name is Tiny ...he lives where the horses are that are having foals there are 4 full grown horse there ...Jim feeds the horses everyday fresh grain....well Tiny loves to eat the fresh grain and he chases the horses away and yes they run away.


sam said...

good job on your pictures ma.

Hope you get to see the next one be born.

Being Mrs Miles said...

Yes, I agree with Sammy Miami! What a terrific subject - love horses and who can resist baby animals? Here's a challenge for you - horse EYES make a great close-up subject! They are large and reflective!

Can't wait to see more.

Love you