Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ethan first time carving a pumpkin ...I can tell you this boy wanted nothing to do with the inside of the pumpkin ...he liked it when we place the light inside and the pumpkins eyes lited up...
Abi in her outfit a sweet cowgirl..I have not got a picture of Hannah in her costume yet ...she was a princess...
Samantha and I had to beg Ethan to put on this outfit just to get the picture...he did not like it at all

So to all Happy Halloween
God bless you all


Samantha said...

looks good mom!!!

Ya cant say Ethan was a big fan of that bad you didnt have a picture of Hannah to put up.
Well Hope you had a good Halloween!!!

Being Mrs Miles said...

Lol, I must say the outfit though amusing does not look comfortable. I sure remember some awfully uncomfortable ones as kids too. Funny, we spend the rest of the year telling our kids what they CANNOT wear, then on Halloween we make them wear what they don't want to - haha! Abi looks sweet in the cowboy outfit.

Is someone making pumpkin pie today?

Talk to you one day soon.

Love SIL