Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Bare found this my guy is a fisherman ...loves his fishing....I hope there is fishing in heaven...

Well Neti girl I have been at the pizza making business...

How does my pizza dough look ...

Yes Melissa had to make her kind to...she thinks it is so neat ...

mmmmm....all baked and hot out of the oven

Thank Neti for all the teaching....

This little metal rooster sits at one of the trailers that are in this park ...I think he is so neat


Being Mrs Miles said...

Num - looks truly delish! Home baked is so much better than store bought any day of the week, correct?

The rooster is very unique, thanks for sharing it!


Being Mrs Miles said...

I keep coming and checking on ya! Miss you.


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Judy:)
Wow..I can't believe it's been that long since my last visit.Where does the time go????:)
Mmmm...your pizzas look so yummy.We actually made "somewhat" home made pizza last week.We used refrigerated ..plop and pop dough though.LOL They were a lot of fun making them the way we wanted.:)Tasted great too!
I LOVE your layout of Ethan.So COOL!:)
I agree with Barb.Your grandkids are growing up soo fast!! So are mine.Everytime I see them..they are getting taller.:)
What a COOL pic of the deer.Did it stay there long after it saw you?:)Jim saw a deer up the hill behind us one time.Wish he had told me at the time it happened.LOL
Hope you have a fantastic day my friend.:)